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Retired Adults

These retired dogs are perfect for owners looking to add to their families that don’t want all the work required when getting a puppy. We require each dog to go to a home where they will live the rest of their lives as pets.


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DOB: 12/07/2018

Aleda is a 3 year old cream French Bulldog. 

Rehoming fee of $600.00


DOB: 11/28/2017

Leo is a 4 year old blue merle French Bulldog.

Rehoming fee of $1,000

Blue Moon

DOB: 4/4/2015

Blue Moon is a 7 year old gray and fawn English Bulldog.Good with kids best as single dog in the home

Rehoming fee of $250.00


DOB: 7/9/2015

Holly is a 7 year old, very sweet cream colored French Bulldog. 

Rehoming fee of $400.00


DOB: 7/21/2016

Thelma is a 6 year old French Bulldog that would do amazing in a single pet family. Good with kids 

Rehoming fee of $500.00

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