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Harrisburg, SD 57032


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Welcome to CKBulldogs

CK Bulldogs is operated by Chance and Kristen McNeil. CK Bulldogs has been raising English Bulldogs since 1997 and started French Bulldogs in 2007.

Chance grew up in Harrisburg SD, while Kristen grew up nearby in Canton SD. They have been together since 2003. Kristen was then raising Bulldogs with her family when she met Chance. Almost instantly there was a shared interest and passion for the Bulldog breed. They chose to also start raising French Bulldogs just a few short years later in 2007. Chance and Kristen are now married with two beautiful kids and an even bigger passion for their dogs that they pour their heart and soul into daily.

Chance and Kristen both work from home taking care of their bulldogs as well as their public dog boarding facility (CK Kennels), their horse boarding facility (CK Stables) as well as a full-time horse lesson program. 

Chance and Kristen’s main passion to be home with their family working with the animals they love and in Chance’s words “It’s a dream come true for our kids to grow up knowing what a good hard day’s work is and to see the joys, rewards of working beside our animals. We opened CK Stables in 2011 and recently built CK Kennels in 2017 which is an all new state of the art dog boarding facility open to the public”